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The Rangers win. Yes I know, I know. I was jumping for joy too.

However the road is far from over. The impressive showing they brought on against Buffalo was great. They played their game. They came on tough and really left everything out on the ice and in so were rewarded by a great Rozsival shot to finally end the game in the 2nd OT.

This game had everything. Hits, great goal chances, passion, excitement, and great goaltending. I mean this was really the story of the afternoon (short of the crappy officiating that we saw). Lundqvist played great and came out on top. But how could you not give a nod to Buffalo's Ryan Miller. These two goalies played amazing. They really brought their A game to the arena and put on a show. If you really want to know how good they played just look at the goals that were scored. The Rangers got a puck through Miller and still Jagr had to cash it in to make sure it went over the line. To beat Lundqvist Buffalo had to have a ton of power plays and if I'm not mistake the puck went off of someone infront plus there was a hell of a screen he had to fight through. And then to end the game. With players being tired and worn and everyone fighting for their life, Rozsival blasts a shot through traffic to beat Miller. It doesn't get any better guys.

This is playoff hockey folks. A great exciting game. This is what it's ment to be like.

I had alot of friends call me or speak to me after Game 2. They said it's over. They said this will be a sweep. I did nothing else but nod my head and reply "Have Faith".
Some of them looked at me funny. I know what probably went through their minds "Can he be serious? Is he really trying to convince me the Rangers still have a chance". I'm talking to you Kev and Alex. I gave a pretty good argument as to why I felt this way.

First off the Rangers were out classed in Game 1. They really were. Game 2 boasted a completely different game. The Rangers played much harder and were victims of bad bounces. Not to say they would of won the game hands down but they had a shot all the way till the end. Not to mention 3 pucks ringing off the post. But unfortunatly they suffered another loss. Game 3 was at MSG. Their home ice and you could tell they fed off the energy of the crowd. They played hard. They really went after it. Game 4 will be another tough one for the boys from Gotham. But I still have faith. I'm still believing in my team. And let's hope the rest of the "Garden Faithful" can do the same.

Here's to another great playoff game.
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