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So the Rangers decide to sign a few players to contract extentions. Not big news, yes I know. However with the sweep, it's left nothing for Rangers fans to disscuss about our own team. So I figured let's break the ice with a bit of a news round up.

Rangers sign first round pick Sanguinetti to a pro-contract. Sanguinetti has mostly played in the OHL. This past season he registered 23 goals 30 assists for a grand total of 53 points. Not bad for a defensemen if you ask me. Now I don't expect this kid to get droped off on the Rangers door step and play next season but who knows. An invite to Training Camp, he might be able to turn a few heads. Guess we will have to wait and see on this one.

Rangers also decided to get out some extentions while they were at it. Hollweg, Orr, and Pock, players you all should be familiar with. Now my only source for this is newyorkrangers.com and they haven't listen what the extentions were for (ie. Time wise). However you can't be too upset with the extentions. Could Sather be setting up descent contracts for a trade of one of the two big boys (Hollweg and Orr) or is it possible that he wants to keep both on the line for next season.

In my opinion if the lines stay as is and the Rangers hold on to eveyrone they have currently (I don't think it's a bad thing, but maybe 1 or 2 changes would help) then I don't see a spot for both. So a decision has to be reached by Rangers management on which of these two your willing to hold on to and which one your willing to let go. Now it could be a nice little move on the Rangers part. Someone out there could be looking for an Enforcer in Orr or a hard hitting engery guy like Hollweg. Don't get me wrong they aren't going to get a 1st rounder for either of these but who knows what the return can be. Atleast we know it will clear a tiny bit of cap space with the move.

Till next time Ranger Fan.
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