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Edmonton, AB • Canada •
Have the Oilers improved this year? Some would say yes and others would say no. I say they showed a very small amount of improvement. Statics can be misleading. The media throw out all kinds of stats showing how the team has improved. The only statistic that really counts are the number of wins versus losses and where the team stands at the end of the year. Yes they won more games than last year, yes they improved in the standings. How many more wins and how much higher in the standings you ask? Barely enough to make any difference at all. At the rate they are progressing it will be another 5-6 years before they make the playoffs. They have lots of promising prospects on the farm team and other leaques. But prospects is all they are at the moment. They have not improved enough on defense and they are still too small at the front end. Goaltending is still an issue in my opinion. 12 decent games by Dubnyk is not enough to say he is a number one goaltender. At the moment I would say it is the same old story and not enough progress in the rebuild mode. If this team is not fighting for a playoff spot next year then it will be time to replace the management of the team from Lowe on down and get rid of some of the so called leaders who lace up the skates and call themselves hockey player. The fans have had enough of the talk and need to see some action. The same old B.S. excuses just won't cut it any more. The Edmonton media have been sugar coating this team for too long now, they need to get rid of the rose colored glasses and start to pay for their tickets and see how they grade the team then. Maybe they will sing a different tune after that. I hope the team takes the steps necessary to show they are committed to winning. So far all they've done is draft some really good kids with no experienced players to help them thrive and progress the way they should. Losing should not be an acceptable way of life for a professional player, but for the Oilers that seems to be the case. Now they are going to reward Tambellini and Renney for losing seasons, just like they did Hemsky for his mediocre showings. God help all us Oiler fans, cause we are going to need all the help we can get to continue to keep swallowing the garbage the team keeps throwing our way. This rant is over! Ahmen!
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