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Today is one of those days where you almost pray your team does nothing because the amount of money being thrown around is down right ridiculous. There have only been a couple signings where I can honestly say the team got good value. The singings I like today include Fedorik at just over 1 mil per season, Brunette at 2.33mil and Vrbada at 3mil.

Jeff Finger by all accounts is a player the Leafs need. A solid player in his own end with some offensive upside at the age of 28. I think if he was signed for 3 years at 7-8mil people would be happy but clearly the Leafs are paying for potential and not current results. Finger has played under 100 NHL games and is considered to be a late bloomer. From what I saw in the playoffs from Colorado he is a worthwhile #4 Dman. 3.5mil is too much right now but we might be changing our minds down the line...either way. Bottom line......good signing if McCabe and Kubina can be shipped out of town.

Niklas Hagman is an interesting signing. He is a very streaky player but does posses ability to be a solid 2nd liner who can score 25 goals a year. His assist totals have not been impressive which suggests he will not play with Jason Blake who I'm convinced doesn't know what a pass is. I don't like the 4 years on this contract but its a decent signing nonetheless.

The only move made by the Leafs today that is getting rave reviews is bringing Curtis Joseph back for 700k. He wont complain playing 15 games a year, the fans will love him and hes a positive player in the dressing room. This will put the ridiculous speculation that Justin Pogge will be up with the big club to an end. Justin still needs at least 2 more years in the AHL....minimum. Goalies take longer to develop and Pogge is not ready at all.

Colorado got 2 ex-Leafs today. Tucker at 2.25 is a great signing. We all know he gives it all and the Avs will not be disappointed. Raycroft though I am 100% shocked got a 1way NHL offer. The amazing thing is that Budaj is not a clear cut #1 and Raycroft could play 30+ games! Anyone who saw Raycroft play the last 3 seasons (2 with the Leafs) knows that Raycroft is not an nhl goalie. His lateral movement is brutal and his mind wanters too often. I'm sure hell post better numbers this year, but then again I think Alan Bester would still post a GAA under 4 and a SVP over 865! Raycroft has quickly become Jim Carey of the 2000s.

I'm still hoping out the Leafs take a chance on Jason Williams. I think this guy has real talent and just hasn't stayed healthy. I know Cliff wants at least one more forward so I'm crossing my fingers.
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