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July 1 is approaching

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This is a new blog. These are just my opinions. Hope you find it insightful.

Ryan Malone Signs 7/31mil in TB. In the past 3 years I would have disagreed drastically with this signing but I actually like this for TB. To me this is a good fit for a team that desperately needs top 6 wingers. Malone as shown in Pitsburgh is a nice complimentary player when surrounded by a star Centre. I think beside Lecavillier/Stamkos for the next 7 years he can consistantly top 25 goals and contribute some grit. While in the past that can be attributed to a 3 million dollar player the reality is with a rising cap to get a young UFA for just over 4.3 a year on the cap is managable. The contract is reportedly heavily frontloaded as most young UFA ones are these days so it can be unloaded in a later year. I do think that TB will try and make a big splash on July 1. I expect them to get one of the top Dman and another winger. Rossival and Satan seems possible.

Sundin still undecided. While it still seems likely Mats will sign in Montreal I still have a strong sense he'll end up back in TO when its all said and done. Noone yet knows the compensation from Montreal to Toronto if he signs or not but Mats could be perceived as doing "a favour" but getting say Grabovski or a 2nd and then sign in TO in the end. It would repair some of the bad vibes he is sending Leaf Fans after the Trade Deadline. Like almost everyone I would like to see this decided one way or another very soon. As hard as it is for Leaf Nation to admit Sundin has little effect on the future of the franchise. Its time to move on and in 10 years when 13 is raised to the rafters, well all forget about it. Sundin despite his numbers will never reach Sittler/Gilmour/Clark status among the die hard Leaf Fans. Only one thing can change that now and we all know the Leafs arent winning a Cup before Sundin retires.

Cujo to Backup Toskala I like this idea. There would be no pressure on Cujo to come in and do anything else but be a leader and play 15-20 games.

Lubo for Stoll and Greene This is a great trade for both teams. I expect EDM to trade Pitkanen now as Lubo fills the PP role. Meanwhile LA is building a nice core of young nhl forwards and in 3 years when Doughty, Johnson etc... are stars in this league....wow. LA is looking like a championship team in 4-5 years. But like Pitsburgh it all lies on the goalie on the future in the end. If Bernier pans out like Fleury did, theres no reason LA cant do what PIT just did in the last 3 seasons. Stoll is very underrated.

UFA thoughts and predictions tommorow....hope you enjoyed my blog and please leave feedback, good or bad.
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June 30, 2008 10:54 AM ET | Delete
I like the Cujo idea as well hes well liked and a classy guy and I'd love to see him back
June 30, 2008 11:32 AM ET | Delete
He certainly wouldn't ask for a multi-year contract which the Leafs will not do for their backup with Vesa and Pogge
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