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Last year was a great year for canadian teams after what was an abysmal year. This year offers mixed results. Some are exceeding, some are staying as expected and some are struggling.

Let's start with the west.

Calgary Flames: A solid team building with more than just their forwards. Led by Gaudreau and Monahan and getting secondary help from Tkachuk, Ferland and Jagr this limeup can improve but is quite solid. Their defense while not performing as expected is a solid group that will hopefully really gel soon. Goaltending is where they would hope thank to Smith. Can they improve? Yes I would say they need to target a solid 2 way winger by february to help the winger gel in Gultzan's system as it does seem like it takes some time for players to get used to his system.

Edmonton Oilers: What can I say told you so! So Chia Pet Chiarelli has proved that he does what he does best. Trade talent for horse dung. If you compare the returns to what he gives it sure feels like horse dung. Larsson looks good but is no where near the talent that Hall offers and when you compare other trades involving defensemen you know Chia traded like he was desperate. This is the same guy who thought Strome would guarantee be a winger for Mcdavid. WTF and yet he still has a job. He signed lucic and Russell to insane deal that it is impossible for either player to live up to. One trade that could help up front would be to trade with the leafs. Kasperi Kapanen for Yamamoto. Kapanen would bring speed to top six, with goal scoring ability and experience with penalty kill. Toronto gets a winger for the future for one that is twiddling his thumbs when he shouldn't need to be. But don't worry with the Chia pet, we will probably see RNH for Ian Cole with Chia taking back 60 percent of RNH's salary.

Winnipeg Jets: The depth, skill and patience looks to be paying off thanks to one guy. Helebuyck. This patient team is looking have its fruits ripening finally.

Vancouver Canucks: Sutter and Gudbranson bad trades but aside from that, this is a team rising thanks to Green, Boeser and Horvat. The Sedins are secondary amd seem to like it, and Boeser is proving his talent.

Eastern Conference.

Ottawa Senators: Another idiot GM who overpays for everyone of interest. Are Duchene and Brassard good centers? Yes but are they worth what was traded? Goaltennding has always been a year by year roller coaster so expected. The defence is hurt by Dorion doing nothing to protect Methot. Fix play Chabot more than Ceci.

Montreal Canadiens: Hey Bergevin don't worry you are not the worst GM, you have some strengths like sometimes being shrewed with deals but your latest deal have severely hurt your team. He like Chia Pet NEEDS to be fired.

Toronto Maple Leafs: this team so far is inconsistent but still strong. They have great trade chips in Komarov, JVR and Bozak. They have depth to cover with Bracco etc... This team has potential to really do damage in playoffs.
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If your going to do a write up of all Canadian teams you should really make each section equally because it's kinda obvious you only really care about alberta
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