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Blackhawks beat the Flames (who were channeling their inner Detroit Red Wing), into the Ice with EASE, by a score of 8-4. The entire game the Flames just couldn’t gain any ground. Every time the Flames looked as though they were starting to get back into, a defensive lapse would occur, they would leave someone all alone in front of the net, and would trail AGAIN. This whole Game the Flames were chasing, and eventually the flood gates opened and that would be it for Calgary.

How can this team go from pummeling teams, to falling apart so quickly? How can a team that came off a road trip, where they looked legitimately good, to completely screwing the pooch? What an absolutely abysmal “effort” from this team. To make matters even worse, it was at home! They chose to completely let their foot off the gas (once again) in front of their home crowd. They played with no heart, no anger, no toughness, no anything quite frankly. The team was flat and out of sync, and Chicago took full advantage of it. The Flames, had a chance to build off a good road trip, but decided instead that coming home, and GIVING the game to Chicago was the way to go. They decided that instead of actually giving a damn about the thousands of people who payed a ton of money to watch them, they’d once again roll over and take it in the rear.

It’s hard to find any good from this horrendous showing from the Flames, but there were a few good things. Sam Bennett scored twice! Since his rookie season, he’s struggled to find the back of the net, so at least he was able to get a few tonight. Elias Lindholm had a solid night, scoring two goals himself. Had the Flames actually played some defense they could have very well made the comeback in this game. I liked Kylington as well, but outside of those three, I can’t say anyone really played all that well, or even bothered to show up for the full game for that matter.

I know the goaltending wasn’t great from Rittich or Talbot, but would someone please tell me where our defense was?! Genuinely, where were they? This whole game I didn’t notice them once. They hung out the goalies to dry CONSTANTLY. Sure, neither goalie did great, but 8(!!) goals don’t get scored against you from strictly bad goaltending. This isn’t EA NHL 20, where your goalie is about as useful as a broken doorbell. This is an actual game, and losses that bad don’t happen because of poor goaltending. Losses like that happen when the team in front of the goalies, phone it in and give up.

I’m at the point where I don’t see how the Flames can keep this roster the way it is. Yes, Gio and Hamonic are out, and that hurts. BUT I don’t think this has anything to do with that. They STUNK long before those two went down with injuries. I think there is something potentially going on in that locker room that’s not good. A team with this roster has no business losing that badly, especially at home. To come home and not even show up for the game isn’t acceptable, and a message needs to be sent to the team.

Now, this won’t happen, especially with the Flames being in the playoff hunt. And let’s face it, no one in this organization has the stones to do it either, but Gaudreau and Monahan should be benched for the next 3 games. Perhaps someone like Matthew Phillips or Glenn Gawdin could come in and make and impact. The Flames need a wake-up call, and benching two players of that magnitude may just do it. I get this isn’t a popular move to even suggest, but something has to be done. Either that, or a trade needs to happen, and someone has to go.

At this point, even if they make the playoffs this roster needs either another re-tooling or overhaul. Cause let’s be real, this team isn’t going to get anywhere even if they make it. They got spanked by the Avalanche a year ago, and I can see the same thing happening again. They’re not mentally tough enough to be able to compete at a high level most nights. They just aren’t. This team is past the point of “playoffs are enough”. They need to be good consistently, and be a legitimate challenger for the cup EVERY.DAMN. YEAR. Too long the city of Calgary has been denied a solid team, that can get it done. The Flames are in desperate need of change.

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