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With the trade deadline just one week away, I’m genuinely curious about what the Calgary Flames will do. On one hand, the Flames desperately need a top six winger. They’ve needed one for a long while and one has to think Brad Treliving will be adding one. Tyler Toffoli seems to be the guy linked to the Flames, but who really knows? Having said all that, one also has to think if Treliving will be after a defenceman as well. Depending on how much longer Giordano and Hamonic are out, he may need to find a defenceman for the run at the playoffs. It may not be some big name, but it may just be someone for some depth.

Now, I think the big problem with any potential moves, especially for a top six winger, is what we have to give up. We don’t know where the Flames will be come the end of the season. They very well could miss the playoffs, even with the addition of a top six winger. With that incredibly poor loss to Chicago, one as to wonder if the Flames are better off not moving assets for a top six forward. As much as I would like to see a top winger added, I’m not sure that’s the best bet. They seemed like they were getting things together on that road trip, but I think it’s quite apparent that wasn’t the case. This team has the potential to do damage, but they just don’t seem to have that mental toughness teams needed.

So, what should Calgary do? Does Treliving operate under the assumption that the Flames will make it? Or does he hold off? The last thing they need is to sell off some good prospects, which we may just need, for a winger that may or may not even help. Or, may or may not even come back when the season ends. At one point I would have seen Brodie or Hamonic gone for a top winger, but with how the season has gone, I doubt it with year those two have had. Brodie’s numbers aren’t very good, and Hamonic is injured. You would need a high pick or prospect to get that done most likely, which at this point would likely be a bad idea. A year ago, I would have been on board as the Flames looked like a completely different team, but not anymore.

Now, if he operates under the assumption that they’ll miss the playoffs, does he overhaul or re-tool the team? And if he does that, then what was the point in trading for a potential rental? I highly doubt a guy like Toffoli would go from one bad to team, to stay with another bad team. I just don’t see it. If you could get a guy who’s still on term for 2-4 years, then maybe, but that won’t be easy to find. Not only that, you’d have to hope they have a reasonable salary, which once again, won’t be easy to find.

Calgary has three games before the deadline against Anaheim, Boston and Detroit. If the Flames can get it together and go on a three-game win streak, we may just see Treliving pull the trigger at the deadline. If the Flames on the other hand do poorly, we may just see them sell some pieces. Either way, I’m interested to see what happens in the next week.

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