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Once again, the Flames find themselves unable to string together some wins, and once again they lose to a team they NEED to beat. A team that is right behind them in the standings. Once again, the Flames are unable to ring in some consistency and it’s cost them another game yet again. It’s all too predictable at this point with the Flames. They win one or two row and then they lose one or two in a row. We’re at the time of the year where they need to find a way to get some wins together. They need to get a 3-4 game win streak going or they’re going to be finding themselves outside of the playoffs. And they especially need them against teams that are creeping up on them, like the Nashville Predators.

Coming into Nashville, the Flames had just come off an impressive victory against the high-flying Bruins. Man, they looked impressive in that game. They dominated! Played well defensively, played well offensively and came out with the “W” as a result. Against the Preds? They played some solid hockey for the most part and perhaps 3 months ago that would cut it, but right now they’re in a heated race for the final playoff spot. Nashville, Winnipeg, Arizona and Minnesota are right behind them knocking on the door. You need more than just a solid game. You need a complete game from start to finish.

It seemed as though the Flames were going to JUST come out with a win, but with .1 seconds left the Predators center Mikael Granlund scored to send it to overtime. In under 2 minutes he scored again to end it and give the Predators the win. I mean, it’s good the Flames got the loser point. At least the Flames got A point, but they needed two. They need to distance themselves from the pack, and they’re not doing it.

It really does feel as though this team is not going to be able to recover from their extremely poor play, especially from earlier this season. It feels as though it’s going to come to bite them on the ass. I just don’t see them pushing for that final playoff spot at this point. There are 4 teams right behind them, 3 of which look to want it a LOT more than the Flames do. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Preds and Jets as the final two seeds with the Flames on the outside looking in.

On a positive note, it was good to see Gio back. He looked slightly off, but he’s coming off an injury and for the first little bit, it’s more than understandable. I thought the Backlund, Tkachuk, and Mangiapane line played great as well. After a brutal start to the year, Backlund has really come alive and has really started to produce offensively. He’s looked great and as a result, his line mates are benefiting two. I thought Anderson had a good game too.

Other than that? I can’t say anyone else was all that impressive. Gaudreau looked non existent as did Monahan. This year it seems as though they are either great are awful. They’re either dialed in or not interested at all. I don’t know what’s going on with them at this point, but they need to do better. Games like this and at this point in the season, they need to be coming out every night and giving it their all. We all know what they can do and that’s why it’s been so damn frustrating. Both are very talented and have all the tools to be top players, especially Johnny Gaudreau.

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