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I still can't believe it happened, Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic to Columbus in exchange for Pierre Luc-Dubois and a 2022 3rd Round Pick. At the time of writing this, it has been 11 days since I wrote my blog titled 'Where could Dubois end up?'. I had a bit of an idea of what may have been included in the trade and the possible return both teams would've brought back. Jack Roslovic was not going to play with the Jets this season, that was too obvious, Laine was going to be traded sometime this season, that was being speculated. Laine gets to have his final game as a Winnipeg Jet giving his best Hulk Hogan impression and put up two goals and an assist for three points, brother. Winnipeg's GM Kevin Cheveldayoff wanted to add to the center core they currently have, this was the best opportunity to get what you needed.

Dubois to Winnipeg made the most sense, his parents live in Winnipeg, and his father is a coach for the Manitoba Moose. It won't take very much for him to adjust to the city of Winnipeg knowing he has family close to him. We all knew after Dubois was benched by Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella that a trade has to be coming up soon. I just never thought that a Dubois/Laine trade was coming so soon. Dubois will have a massive impact on Winnipeg's roster and give more edge to the team.

Laine and Roslovic to Columbus also make sense, Roslovic is from Columbus, and Laine was also an upset asset. Roslovic was staying put in Columbus and refused to sign in Winnipeg, Laine still played his heart out. While the Jets may not see a winger that has the potential to score 50+ goals for a while, Dubois is a good trade-off even if it's for a few years.

There's no doubt in my mind that Roslovic can be a 40-50 point guy in the right situation, and he wanted to move higher in the lineup. His place in the line made him choose to sit out and not sign. Columbus can make use of both Laine and Roslovic, it gives Tortorella two new guys he can work with.

This trade is way too early to try and say who won, Dubois and Laine are good players in their own respect. They wanted to play elsewhere, and as much as fans loved Laine, it was time to move on from the Laine project. It's time for Jets fans to fall in love with Dubois, kids got a bright future ahead of him.
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I am going to say Chevy won. A couple of years ago I would not have agreed with this trade strictly because I feel the Jets gave up more value. That being said, free agency has never been a safer time for a GM. The cost of Laine's next contract, paired with Raslovics cap hit will far outweigh Dubois' cap hit of 5M. So in a sense, they can go and ink a significant free agent this offseason and again be at the cap ceiling, only with a much improved squad. Dubois is a 1C, as is Scheiffle. A great problem for any coach to have. Dubois plays a complete game, and addresses Winnipegs biggest need. With Wheeler/Connor/Ehlers all fantastic wingers, the void of Laine will not be missed as greatly. Plus, this trade was simply way too risky for Columbus. Raslovic is great, but Laine's upcoming contract is filled with risk given his inconsistencies, if he even decides to re-sign with the Jackets. And that is a big if. Winnipeg has tons of money to burn this offseason, while having an elite top 9 forward core, and a Vezina goalie.
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