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todays press conference in buffalo was nothing more than when in every election year when politicians go around from city to city expressing the common sense to the "potential voters". today the same thing took place in buffalo, ny when Sabres President Larry Quinn and General Manager Darcy Regier held a press conference today. instead of talking to voters they were talking to their consumers and more importantly fans. instead of the fact they might of handled the situation wrong they were quick to point out that it was not their fault. instead of admitting that their no negotiation process during the season might be wrong they insisted that its right and they should get guys the summer befor free agency(even though drury and briere weren't contacted last summer). and most importantly instead of giving fans reasurance and closure about the briere drury drama, they pulled a howard dean. in one part of the presser sabres president larry quinn got in a fight with local columnist bucky gleason which ended with gleason saying "well maybe i do know something that you dont". at one point during this scuffle gleason pointed out that the sabres could of negotiated with briere after January 1st, something that quinn didnt know. that column should deffinetaly be an interesting read tommarow. instead of telling why things happend or admitting they waited too long to sign these captains you got the company line "yes we are still a good hockey team", "no we are not in rebuilding mode", and "yes we feel like we are a stanley cup contender". well guess what guys thats the same things that the blackhawks and capitals were saying last year. buffalo fans just wanted to know why you are taking a profesional sports team that has never had more of a connection with its city and why you "experts" are slowly dismantling it. last year it was grier,mckee,fitzpatrick,pyatt, and dumont. this year its briere, drury, and possibly vanek, roy, paetcsh, numminem, and zubrus. if you ask most sabres fans in the past two years who the guys were who have showed the most heart (excluding goaltender ryan miller) there answers will all be players who will be wearing different sweaters this season.
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