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RAV to be intact?

Posted September 19, 2007
today after the skate lindy ruff held a brief presser (http://sabres.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=337685). in this news conference he stared that he intends on keeping one of the most exciting lines for the sabres last year(RAV) together. this article also states that the rest of the forwards will look like this opening night. Vanek-Roy-Afinogenov Kotalik-... Read More »

Congrats To The Rangers

Posted July 2, 2007
congratulations NYR you just landed yourself 2 of the top 4 available free agents this year. out of ryan smyth, chris drury, daniel briere, and scott gomez you were able to pick up my favorite chris drury and scott gomez. you have two excellent players who will complement guys like lundqvist, avery, jagr, etc. you have now become in many peoples eyes the new favorite to win the stanley cup afte... Read More »

Recap Of Sabres Press Conference

Posted July 2, 2007
todays press conference in buffalo was nothing more than when in every election year when politicians go around from city to city expressing the common sense to the "potential voters". today the same thing took place in buffalo, ny when Sabres President Larry Quinn and General Manager Darcy Regier held a press conference today. instead of talking to voters they were talking to their consumers an... Read More »


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