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Congrats To The Rangers

Posted 5:42 PM ET | Comments 1
congratulations NYR you just landed yourself 2 of the top 4 available free agents this year. out of ryan smyth, chris drury, daniel briere, and scott gomez you were able to pick up my favorite chris drury and scott gomez. you have two excellent players who will complement guys like lundqvist, avery, jagr, etc. you have now become in many peoples eyes the new favorite to win the stanley cup after losing heartbreakingly to the sabres the year before, and can trust on the leadership and heart of chris drury to get you back to the playoffs and possibly win the stanley cup. Problems????? See: 2006-2007 Buffalo Sabres
July 25, 2009 10:28 PM ET | Delete
its funny when u read this stuffand look at what happened with gomez and drury
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