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"Pelican Foul Center Ice"
Buffalo, NY • United States •
With the recent signing of RFA Thomas Vanek for 7 more years in Buffalo, I think I've turned my prospects so to speak a complete 108 degrees. There was a lot of speculation, especially on my part of whether or not we can be as good as we were the last 2 years without our Co-Captains Chris Drury and Daniel Briere.

After some soul searching I can now see our potential. We still have a GREAT hockey club, and those 2 were not the team. The future of the Sabres is a bright one, and we will easily replace Briere and Drury. Drew Stafford has Drury written all over him, and is showing tons of potential, I could one day see Stafford in a captain position.

We Buffalonians need to think in the now, and focus on supporting our team through thick and thin. It's what WE are known for. We are die hards in this town. The NHL has let us down so many times, and we keep our heads up, and keep the cheer going.

Let's GO BUFFALO! I'm looking forward to a super fast, and super good season.


For those who don't know me, I write a Blog based out of Buffalo, NY called The Pelican Foul, Http://www.pelicanfoul.net Stop by sometime, and say Hello.
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