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Prospects and Rumors...

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Reading over Eklund's post, I can only agree of who I think are the top prospects for the Sabres this UFA,RFA season. We need to fill out the team, and soon being that training camp is creeping closer and closer, and who better to do that than Andy Sutton and Martin Gelinas, hell even Daniel Markov would be a catch.

The thing is, compared to most teams in this league the Sabres have done relatively nothing but sign Vanek this off season. Sure Adam Mair, Peters, Teppo and Mike Ryan(waste of money) all got their contracts...but the big thing is that we just let 2 of our core get away by making poor business decisions (of course that's what the City of Buffalo is all about).

Gelinas WILL in fact bring some experience to the team that we lost with Drury and Briere... and Sutton can just play. He's a power house as far as scoring is concerned.

However, I'm still waiting for Derek Roy, and Nathan Paetsch to get their deals. One of my friends met Roy at Sunset Bay Beach club in Sunset Bay (Silver Creek, NY), just a couple weeks ago, and he told them that they hadn't even talked to him. SO who knows.

Right now it is STRESS STRESS STRESS in the Queen City. Football season sure will take some of the fans minds off their favorite team... but since the Bills are probably gonna win 2 games this season it won't be for long. Everyone from Billy the Bum (The guy who 'Vacuums' the sidewalk on Delaware), The White Lady of Allentown, and your 6 month old daughter are going to be going nuts over whats going down with our FAVORITE team.

I'm looking forward to some good hockey this season, no matter what, and I know this team has it in them!

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