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"Pelican Foul Center Ice"
Buffalo, NY • United States •
I woke up this morning, and for being August 15th, the air in Buffalo was crisp and cool; Albeit I woke up at 7:30am. I updated my blog, http://www.pelicanfoul.net, and I check the news everyday for my Sabre fix, as that's what Buffalonians do now a days. The Bills... who are the Bills?

This summer we have seen anger, disgust, sadness, retribution, joy, and exhaustion. We all knew what we were feeling the day we heard that Briere signed his deal with Phila and later when Drury signed to NYR without looking back. We had this build up of angst because from all we knew Darcy and crew had done nothing to retain these two formidable battle axes. When all was said and done, my stomach had dropped to the floor, and face turned red with anger.

Then came the Buffalo news article about how we could have kept each if only The Sabres management had acted back in January when they could have. I was disgusted, and disappointed chocking it all up to bad business decisions. By the way things were going, Darcy looked more interested in ironing out his contract... besides why should he care about anything aside from himself?

Just when the dust began to settle Edmonton sends an offer sheet to Thomas Vanek; a ridiculous offer sheet to Thomas Vanek. That feeling in the stomach came along again, until it seemed the Sabres grew a pair, and matched that offer, which by all standards seems like a good investment, and retribution had been felt. Roy then moved closer and closer to arbitration, and we all became a bit more sad that Buffalo was looking like they were going to let him go.

Then a joyous noise filled the corredors of the HSBC arena when word came that Derek had signed, and we actually avoided a mess.

Now with rumors of Michael Peca circling everywhere in our city, and on the net we are holding our breath to see if any moves are made. All signs are pointing to the NYR right now, but with the fact that they have no cap room really to support Peca, we in Buffalo may still have a chance.

Peca wants to play in Buffalo, by all accounts he is good at what he does, and even with the fall out incurred from years back, the city still loves him, and the city wants him back.

We're almost to the point where we'll see how this pans out. I'm a bit exhausted this off season.
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