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After the Thomas Vanek signing the sabres have a face to build their young core around and the question left is what happens next. Are the sabres willing to sign some second tier free agents, trade, or release current players? I dont know if that right now would be a great time to jump into those situations.

I think after the arbitration process has been settled, the sabres may move into clever ways to support the roster. In any event the sabres have had a tremendous offseason and one that is tough for most fans to swallow. Larry Quinn says that the sabres will spend more than they did last season; however, the managing partner had Chris Drury accounted for on the payroll when he uttered those remarks. So Vanek gets 7 million roughly towards the cap and Teppo, Peters, Mair, and Jocelyn T are all coming to play for Buffalo. So is that it? I hardly think so because the image so far this offseason has been an absolute public relations nightmare. The image from July 1st really hurts Buffalo and no player yet has been signed to add size or grit to the blue line. I guess it will be a wait and see sort of thing except waiting hasen't really panned out so well here just ask danny briere and chris drury.
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