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If I were Darcy Regier

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This goes without saying, but i'm going to say it anyway. WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT SIGN CHRIS DRURY!!!! Unfortunately, the sabres dropped the ball on that one with their in-season negotiation blunder with captain clutch, but this is what I would do from here after the vanek signing moving forward. First, the sabres need a two-way gritty forward and mike comrie would have been the perfect free agent signing. He's off to the island and i'm sitting here hoping that the sabres will continue to pursue options outside their organization. For the most part I am settled on the forwards and it is the defense that has me worried. Bringing back Teppo was an ok move because he brings experience and leadership to a team that just lost that in its co-captains. However, Teppo, lets face it, is old. Jaro Spacek was a disaster last season offensively on the power play and Dmitri Kalinin at times was the most frustrating person in hockey. Andy Sutton, Markov, or Souray are upgrades from Spacek and/or Kalinin. The sabres need those players size and in Souray's case a quarterback on the power play. I have been avocating for the sabres to sign souray, however he may be asking for an insane contract. In a response to July 1st, the sabres need to show their commitment to winning and at least improve a roster that is still, in my opionion, a good playoff team. Here is my plan for Darcy the rest of the season.

Dump Jaro Spacek and his salary. (if you have to drop kalinin too, so be it)
Sign another proven defensemen. (Markov, Sutton, Souray)
Sign a forward with some two-way grit.

The sabres are at a crossroads with their decisions on what they want the 07-08 sabres to look like. If the team stays as is they will be a good playoff team, but not a legitament contender for lord stanley. The window for this team is closing, but i'm hoping management can fully open it up before training camp.
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