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NHL 2008 from EA Sports

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I was in the store the other day browsing around through video games. I saw on the shelf a bunch of "preorder now" signs for all of the upcoming EA Sports games. Then I saw it, NHL 2008. No different than any other NHL game since 2000, but still...updated rosters! Hurray!

Oh yes, and need I forget. Eric Staal on the cover??! Come on now.

Here's the deal: I'm a Penguin fan. Needless the say, I expected Crosby on the cover, perhaps even Malkin as Ovechkin was on the cover following his rookie year. But Eric Staal?

Let's look at the top 3 scorers.

Sidney Crosby
Joe Thornton
Vincent Lecavalier

Now, Thornton was already on the cover of the "other" hockey game. Lecavalier was on the cover in 2006. So really, two of the top three players have already had a cover shot.

Perhaps, PERHAPS, Crosby was so humble he opted out of the cover. But part of me feels it was utmost deserving.

I've also done a search on google images for the cover of EA Sports NHL 08 and got in some instances a cover involving a ref. But, I'd say it's a fairly accurate assumption that the in store display is correct.

In reality, it doesn't matter one bit who's on the cover for me, I'm still going to buy the game. But don't try and hail a 70 pt scorer as the epitamy of the game when you clearly had another 30+ ahead of him for consideration.

Christ, even Madden at least put Young on the cover.
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