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No! Not my agent!

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Just read this in the Washington Post:
<blockquote class="pquote"><i>

Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin broke the jaw of Evgeniy Malkin's agent Gennady Ushakov. Once well-known keeper Gennady Ushakov came out to take part in a pre-season match the other day with his jaw injured. It has become known that a conflict flared up between Alexander Ovechkin and Gennady Ushakov during a night club party. Ushakov is said to have insulted Ovechkin which led to a fight in which Malkin's agent had his jaw broken.</blockquote></i>

I wonder if this somehow goes back to the Motherland. I've also read some reports saying the jaw is not broken, but his agent is in a hospital. Regardless, noone is denying the fact the punch was thrown.

Is Ovechkin is feeling some of the pressures of being Ovechkin, the "other guy", and not Crosby or Malkin? When it came to handing out the Calder, it was a heavy debate whether Crosby or Ovechkin should get it. Now Crosby is reigning in the spotlight and getting major endorsements.

Is Crosby the Gretzky to Ovechkin's Hull?
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