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So What now Leaf Fans?

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Burke Is Not the new GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. So now what? Well this may be a blessing in a disguise, or maybe it just sucks. Personally Burke was a qualified candidate who had the savvy to deal with media and ownership. His draft record however was abysmal, but maybe with some money injected in our scouting department who knows. Personally I want Nill to get it, but I doubt it'll go his way as were looking for "experience".
Those who've seen my old blogs know I frequently write about how I'd do things given the chance, so this one would be no different.

Starting with the Draft!
Leafs select number #7 .. now now who to pick, I've seen a ton of leaf fans come out against filatov in recent posts. Hes ranked top 3 as I remember, and hes said hes going to come over to North America Next year for sure, and speaks fluent English. So that Russian factor? I just don't see him dropping that far, not with that much talent. Personally should he be around at 7th, I'd take him in a heart beat. All that stuff about we need to draft a Canadian etc etc. Theres more picks left for that, but as for pure talent you can't afford to pass up on Filatov should he be available. If not Take Schenn, Hard hitting defenceman would definitely be an asset to our team, and is a whole that needs filling. Just keep in mind hes still a couple years away from playing. If neither of those are there, well then thats tough, personally I stay away from Beach, too risky, too many concussions and too big a spotlight.

Now here is where I think its a little iffy, I think Kubina will fetch a top 20 pick (prob 15-20 good addition to a team out in the first round, or a team that just misses). At this slot I take David Toews (little brother of the Chicago Star). He fits a similar mold, and it still a couple years away. But hes a solid Two Way Player the Leafs haven't had in a while, and can contribute offensively. If Kubina fetchs more maybe you take someone else, but you never know.

Second Round, We got some picks thanks to some deadline deals. I package one with a 5th or 6th and move up to the top 5 in the 2nd round. Draft Jared Staal, power forward. Once the most highly touted of the brothers, he's fallen off and has had a bad year. This could be a draft steal, power forwards take a bit longer to develop, but hes from around Toronto and could be a Franchise Player, worth the pick. The rest of the picks I build some depth on defense, and the occasional Forward.

Kulemin may also be coming over as well so it'll be interesting and if I were toronto I'd throw some money and guaranteed ice time Brunstrom's way. Now for Sundin, I don't think hes played his last game in the blue and white. He was injured to end the season, and I just don't see him going out that way. Resign him, one year 5 mil or so. He'll get a NTC again, and a responsible GM won't put as much pressure on him as the deadline. So since we know MLSE won't want to miss the playoffs yet again, and won't commit to a rebuild (they may say something, but really?). Go out and sign Naslund, he may be out of vancouver (I'm not so sure anymore cause the new GM is his agent) but hypothetically. Sign him alongside Sundin. See if these aging sweedish stars can put up some stellar numbers. Two Cases develop: One they play amazing were in the playoff race and make it, nice. Two we suck, and yeah, but heres the kicker Naslund I don't think gets a NTC, push him at the deadline (hopefully with inflated stats due to playing with Sundin). Pressures off Sundin, he can retire in peace and we get back some prospects and picks in another draft.

Future line up would look like
Filatov - Steen - Kulemin (serious offensive power)
Staal - Tlusty - Toews (powerful, puck possesion line)

(not in these positions, just the top 6), plus Brunstrom with pogge in the back and hopefully we'll shore up some more defence. Either way if we get Sundin and Naslund back some of the young guns can play without as much pressure. Also Fire Maurice, get a coach who can deal with goalies (Hartsburg, several others on that list) and go out and pour some money into scouting! Crazy yes, but hey Just my thoughts. What are yours?
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