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So What now Leaf Fans?

Posted April 24, 2008
Burke Is [b]Not[/b] the new GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. So now what? Well this may be a blessing in a disguise, or maybe it just sucks. Personally Burke was a qualified candidate who had the savvy to deal with media and ownership. His draft record however was abysmal, but maybe with some money injected in our scouting department who knows. Personally I want Nill to get it, but I doubt it'll go... Read More »

Leaf Deadline Plan

Posted February 18, 2008
So as a Leaf fan whats one to do, other than speculate on what will occur during the trade deadline? Now I've heard tons of ideas for trades, mostly ludicrous. We as fans tend to overestimate the value of some of our players, and we also tend not to realize the rest of the league knows what position were in, and thats one of weakness. So I figured I'd contribute to endless list of trade rumours, w... Read More »

Staal Brothers

Posted July 25, 2007
Seeing as its a slow news day, figured since I haven't seen it on any mainstream sites I'd give you guys something to read [url]http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/story/648918.html[/url] Seems like they were just having good ol fun, from what I've heard they are all class acts. Just figured I'd post something as nothing else is really going down. Enjoy.. Read More »
Yeah, I know your all thinking another leaf line blog, but its summer I need something to do. [b]Blake-Sundin-Tucker Bell-Wellwood-Steen Poni-Stajan-Antropov Kilger-Pohl-Williams Kaberle-Kubina McCabe-Coli White-Gill[/b] [u] [b]PP1[/u] Poni-Sundin-Antropov/tucker McCabe-Kaberle [u]PP2[/u] Blake-Wellwood-Steen Kubina-Coli/white[/b] PK is still an issue that Toronto will need to... Read More »


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