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Leaf Deadline Plan

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So as a Leaf fan whats one to do, other than speculate on what will occur during the trade deadline? Now I've heard tons of ideas for trades, mostly ludicrous. We as fans tend to overestimate the value of some of our players, and we also tend not to realize the rest of the league knows what position were in, and thats one of weakness. So I figured I'd contribute to endless list of trade rumours, with some I think are more logical (doesn't mean more likely to happen).

First is a list of players I would trade from the current team (The ones likely to waive the no trade clause do)

Tucker (50/50 I think on waiving his clause)
Kaberle (I doubt he'll waive his no trade clause)

Let the outcries begin, I'll make a brief argument to why I think these players should be moved.

Sundin - No Argument Needed
Tucker - His recent play as of late has increased his market value, he may not accept a trade to any team but he is an aging vet who can't play his game 100% anymore. This isn't to say that he couldn't help any team in the stretch drive, or in the playoffs, the heart and leadership is still there.
Kubina - Quietly has become one of the top 20 d-man in the league, and can move the puck reasonably well. Price tag is hefty, but some teams will bite.
Kaberle - Having the best years of his career, on a team going no where. As much as I want to retain him, hes a very valuable asset in the trade market. His clause doesn't apply in summer so he could be moved then, but if he doesn't waive his clause he'll prob stay with the team. Does anyone else think since the Jansen hit last year his play has dropped off?
Kilger - Grinder who can score, valuable come playoff time.
Gill - Defensive player, who can clear the front of the net. Not Agile, but can provide the toughness needed by some teams on the back end.
Antropov - Value hasn't been higher in his entire career. Hes having a career season, and I don't think he'll match it again if Sundin isn't there, move him when the values hot.

Other players I'd consider moving:
Wellwood (can't condition himself), McCabe (he won't move so I didn't discuss it), Toskala (Some value here, but might as well bring Pogge in for a year and keep Toskala around till next year's deadline)

Now for the exciting part, the potential dancing partners and players I want to see back.

Philly (This is a dream scenario)

Move Kubina or Kaberle to them, get back Jeff Carter and a 3rd (high for kaberle). Now the philly fans will jump on me, but listen Carter is an amazing talent but you have two centers signed to 8+ years, he can't develop in the third line role. Also your offense isn't the problem, its the back end, Kaberle or Kubina both provide you some help on the back end. Now if you sign foppa, then theres no cap room and this deal goes out the back door till maybe the off season.

Sundin to Calgary, Vancouver, or elsewhere.

Leaf fans love to compare this one to the Foppa trade, realize nashville didn't give up as much as it seems, Philly just made it into Hartnell and Timonen (genius on their part) the Original deal is sweet but not as sweet as it seems. I want a first round pick(s) and a top prospect or two, and thats about all its going to get (maybe another pick). Ideally I'd want Bobby Ryan, and Edm's first rounder, but might have to give them antropov too, and take some salary room from them (again a dream scenario).

Tucker - Out west

I think he'd only accept a trade out west, what about to Calgary for Rights to Tarthukin, Giodarno and a pick? I think Tarthukin can play on Toronto's third line perfectly. Realistically he'll prob get a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

Kubina - Maybe Carolina

Try and get a pick and Ladd out of there. Ladd has been stuck on 3rd line and hasn't developed the way he was expected to. Give him some more ice time in Toronto and I think he can develop into an amazing power forward, not sure what the chances of this deal are though. Also try and get a pick as well or a mid level prospect.


These guys will prob get thrown into deals (knowing Cliff Fletchers multi player deal style). They hopefully will land some great prospects and picks back.

With the remaining stripped d-core we should get Stamkos or Doughtry, and hopefully another top 12 pick and a top 35 one. It's a deep draft, so try and get the core of our future built. Also if Jeff Carter, Ladd and the other players mentioned work out, Toronto will have a bright bright future. Toskala gets moved next year or year after (if pogge establishes himself), Kaberle in the offseason or in a couple years. Kulemin comes over, and we hopefully have a great center for him. Maybe Wellwood gets dealt as he hasn't developed into the 2nd line center we wanted and Carter takes his place?

Also try and get Fabian, and Leino on deals, (leino might be a try out). Other players I think could improve this team and may be had are Prucha (amazing first season but has since had limited ice time), Cam Barker (seems to have fallen out of favour), Bobby Ryan (Can't seem to crack a deep Ducks team).

I think Prucha, Barker and Ryan should also be high on the leafs radar, and maybe try and give those teams a call to see what could be done.

Well thats my view, now I'll sit back and let the venom fly!
February 18, 2008 9:55 PM ET | Delete
Would love to see Tucker out West. And wouldn't be surprised if Giordano is part of a package on the deadline, especially to TO because I believe that's where he's from. I'd stay away from Taratukhin though. He was going to be on our big club this year and chose to go back to Russia. He'll likely not come back any time soon.
February 19, 2008 7:27 AM ET | Delete
Nice read - but, you have undervalued Antropov - he is worth more then some picks. Looks like he may score 30 goals/70 points this year - and is locked in for a very affordable $2M next year. He is one guy I consider keeping - but if you are going to move, make sure the return is high... anyway, nice read and certainly some good thoughts there
February 19, 2008 1:15 PM ET | Delete
Yeah you may be right on the thoughts on Antropov, but I figure other GM's also see his how his point production is without Sundin. He may be worth keeping if he can prove he can keep doing this. Taratukhin I thought had a contract dispute with Sutter? May be wrong though. Thanks for the comments!
February 19, 2008 3:14 PM ET | Delete
Looks more like a wish list than a plan. I guess you have to start somewhere.Cliff will try and pull some shennanigans,so there's really no point in speculating.But something will happen.
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