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No team has probably done more for increasing the size requirement of an NHL hockey player then did the Ducks did on their run to the cup

How they won is the problem, and it’s not all the Ducks fault, the NHL played a role in this as well. There are rules that the game of hockey has developed over time, they are roughing, crosschecking, charging, high-sticking, and intent to injure to name a few. We can call these physical play penalties

In the playoffs the league let physical play penalties go, giving the Ducks an obvious advantage.

Burke is responsible for the coach he hires, the players he drafts and acquires. They left a trail of players with injuries from every series, and more than half of those players were hurt from violent hits, whether they were sucker punches or head shots. When the league penalized the culprits, they (the league) got too caught up with their excitement of having a California team win the Stanley Cup, that they did not do the right thing when handing out suspensions... let’s just hope that impressionable young hockey players were not watching.

The Ducks do have a good team, but certainly not a great team. With the regular season rules in place, results no doubt would be different then what they were.. The Ducks. How could any GM feel good about drafting a player that is under 6 feet with his number 1 draft pick if winning the Stanley Cup most matters ??
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