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Its a logical question to ask as the Wild enter their 7th season of existence. I think that Riseburough and Lemaire have been patient in growing its roster, and now it certainly looks attainable either this year or next year at the latest for the cup to come to Minnesota for the first time.

Goaltending will be the best again.....

Hockey News rated the most valuable players in the NHL and they rated Luongo 3rd and Backstrom 50th this got me thinking whether or not I would trade Backstrom for Luongo, and as you probably would guess I would not. No doubt that Luongo is a great goalie, but Backstrom is a special goalie capable of doing similar magic as the famous Dominic Hasek (The Dominator). Goalies as focused and committed to success as Backstrom, is very rare, so rare in the NHL history that I would not have the guts to trade a player like that for Luongo.

Besides Backstrom here are a few of the Wilds Stars

Mikko Koivou - Pavol Diemitra

Brian Rolston - Mark Parrish

Marion Gaborick - Pierre Marc Bouchard

Kim Johnsson - Brent Burns

Sean Hill - Martain Skoula

Serious talent waiting to crack the line Wild starting line up at forward

James Sheppard (maybe ready to crack the Wilds roster ( 9th overall number 1 draft pick) -Center

Benoit Pouliot (4th overall number 1 draft pick) just waiting for his shot-Wing

Petr Kalus (received for the Wild for Manny Fernandez) Highly regarded scoring ability

Matt Foy (Leading scorer in minor league AHL team)

The one weakness of the roster is whether or not this team is tough enough to play in the playoffs when the hockey rules change, some of the Wilds key players have not proven that they can be effective in the atmosphere of excessive roughing playoff action . The reason why I say the cup is coming to Minnesota soon is because the Wild are gradually getting bigger, all the prospects listed in the serious talent section are all over 6 feet, and likely will see time with the team this year
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