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Sick of the leafs?

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Anyone out there sick of hearing about the leafs on all the sports channels, internet blogs, and radio shows? I personally am, and I have developed a hatred for the leafs.

Although the Maple Leafs are the centre of the hockey world, they are not the centre of MY hockey world. I think it is unfair that every Saturday night that I sit down to watch HNIC, The leafs play the first game every single time.

The leafs are not a good hockey club; they are managed poorly, coached poorly, and have done nothing to progress their hockey team to an elite level in over a decade. This team should be the Ney York Yankees of hockey.

Although many teams have not become elite hockey clubs in the past decade, one would figure that the team that professional hockey revolves around would have atleast become a legitimate contender for the stanley cup in recent years. I do realize that the leafs made it to the conference finals several years ago, but they never really had a chance in H-E-double hockey sticks to even compete for a cup. The last team i remember even mentioning in the same sentence as the cup was the leafs team captained by Doug Gilmour (back in '93 or so).

Now to address the issue. In my views, it all boils down to the way the club is managed from the top down. It seems as if this team is run by some incredibly gifted individuals in the marketing aspect of things, but it also seems as if these people know nothing about the game itself.

I am speaking purely from an outsiders perspective. The only info that I get is read from newspapers, watched on TV, or read on blogs... reluctantly; However, this is my humble opinion and i know that this blog will probably be the least popular blog on here. This is just a blog from what seems to be the only person on this planet who doesn't worship the Toronto Maple Leafs.

-Go Oilers Go.
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