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Ok, so every Oilers fan on the planet thinks that Schremp should get a shot in the big league. We've all seen his ridiculous shootout goals on youtube, and anyone who's never had a lobotomy can see that this guy has some major offensive talent.

So why hasn't this kid made it to the big time and scored 25 goals by now? Well, the fact of the matter is, is that the only steady ice time he would see is on the power play. Schremp is not a penalty killing forward, and is sub-par defensively overall.

Lowe is trying to develop Schremp into a responsible 2 way player. Although Robbie is noticeably gifted, he lacks the defensive ability to become a mainstay in todays NHL. If Robbie scores 50 goals a year, but is directly responsible for giving up 51 goals a year, then no GM in the league would want this guy playing for them, because the cons outweigh the pro's. It just wouldnt make sense. GM's look to improve their clubs, and if you bring a guy up who scores a lot of goals but also gives up more, then he is having a negative effect on your team overall.

Now, if by keeping Schremp in the minors for a couple years longer than expected can create a player who is NHL calibre both defensively and offensively, then it will pay-off on both sides. The reality of the situation is, is that Kevin gave him a legit shot at landing a full-time NHL job each of the last 2 training camps, and he didn't show enough prowess to make it. Call me crazy, but i think Kevin is a pretty smart man, and if he doesnt think Schremp is ready to step up just yet, then i seriously believe it. I personally believe that Robbie is benefitting greatly from being in the minors this long.

Schremp will make this Oilers team next year, and if he sticks around, it will be because he makes his defensive minded coach and GM happy. Robbie has matured mentally and physically over the past couple seasons, and that will only help out both sides.

So the point is, is that Kevin and MacT know what they are doing. Robbie and the Oilers are both benefitting from the experience gained in the minors. Patience is a virtue, and Kevin may very well look like a genius in a couple years. Also, Kevin may look like the worlds biggest bum in taking an incredible offensive player, and turning him into a mediocre defensive and offensive player. No matter the outcome, I hope Robbie isn't the next Pavel Brendl.
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