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Edmonton, AB • Canada •
Kevin Lowe neglected to make a deal at the deadline. This is a good non-move by Kevin, as doing so will keep the Oilers' team chemistry going, along with morale. Too often a team makes a big trade at the deadline, looking to improve their respective clubs, and throws off team chemistry and locker room morale. No, the oilers are not in a playoff position,and it seems unlikely they will make a legitimate push, they are doing well for a team who has lost 241 man games to injury, most of which belong to the teams core players like Souray, Horcoff, Pisani, Greene, and Pitkanen. Shaking up the locker room with a trade would not do any good for the team. Either they mortgage the future to bring in a Hossa, or they sell their assets and finish in the bottom 3 in the league, effectively handing over a top 3 pick to Anaheim for Disappointing forward Dustin Penner's off-season RFA signing.

This was the first year that I can Remember Lowe not making any deals at the deadline, and i truly believe that this will be good for the club come next year. We keep our core players together, and we build toward the future. The Oilers have many good young players in their organization, along with a lot of talent currently playing on the team.

Now, are there any Oiler fans out there who think any different?
March 1, 2008 8:48 PM ET | Delete
my buddy and i discussed the startling fact we hadn't heard anything from edmonton leading up to the dealine or after. i'm still sort of an edmonton fan(when you guys aren't playing my top two teams), and i understand slightly going after vanek but not so much the overpaying of penner. though i understand it's hard to get players to go to edmonton for some reason. having lived in alaska the cold's not that big of a deal. but me and my friend decided lowe's waiting for the off season to make some moves. sucks you guys don't get that pick this year.
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