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"The Beast of the East"
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Hockey is a game of emotion, point blank. Sergei Gonchar lost his cool on a play against superstar/superpest Daniel Alfreddson. Now I may take some heat for calling Alfredsson a superpest but let's call it as it is, this guy gets under your skin. I think the play on Sergei Gonchar is proof in the pudding. But I must also be very clear that I think there is a big difference between being a superpest and taking liberties with a player who is unable to defend himself. I would qualify Alfredsson's nudge/hit from behind on Gonchar as the latter. Both players were in full stride skating for the loose puck behind the Pittsburgh goal when Alfreddson used the top hand on his stick to nudge Gonchar in the lower pant from behind causing him to blow a tire and almost go head first into the boards.

I don't blame Alfreddson for Gonchar's ridiculous misuse of his stick which ended up putting his team down for 4 minutes and what eventually would be the game. I do think that such a classless move on Alfredsson's part could have ended up quite differently with Gonchar injured and out for the season fortunately for both teams this wasn't the case. Don Cherry and others have fought the touch icing rule for years/decades and I would hope that they are equally upset with this play. Downright Dangerous I say!

Now on the other hand, the game was a load of fun to watch, even without Sidney Crosby and Marian Hossa. I hope these two teams stay just where they are, because I would love to see these two clubs go 7 games in the first round. A super game on Saturday and was probably more deserving of the 7pm slot, although the Leafs/Caps battle was also fun to watch.
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