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"The Beast of the East"
Canada, ON • Canada • 2013 Years Old • Male
So I'm at work and I'm taking a break from the grind to comment on the media here. Dang. Are they real people? For a half minute, I wish that I woke up in a different city every morning just so that I could not feel guilty for the descent that I feel towards the Toronto Media types.

Put Nik Kypreos on the bench and the Leaf Lover in him comes out.

I do say this, it was a fun game to watch. Win or lose if they play with this level of excitement and pizzazz, they will be fun to watch this season.

There were plenty of highlights for me. One of the lowlights was that I set my PVR to record the game, because I was preoccupied with something else at the start of the game. the feed recorded in 4 different sections, 1 was 22 minutes, 1 was 5 minutes, 1 was 1 minute and then the next portion didn't record at all. Oh well, it was nice to come back to the game with the Leafs up 3-1...

So I am jazzed about the outcome and jazzed about the way in which they went about winning, but I am not preparing my lawn chair for the parade just yet.

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