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"The Beast of the East"
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Let me start by saying that I am a Leafs fan and in no way shape or form do I have a liking for the Ottawa Senators. I wanted to ask the masses of people out there if Dany Heatley may have a point in all of this. Personally, I think Heatley is a bum and that he will get what he deserves (contract ripped up, lifelong injury etc...).

I was quite disapointed for Ottawa and their great fans, when I heard that Dany Heatley wanted out. This is a great city and a great hockey city at that. They are two seasons removed from the Cup Final and they have a lot of promise out there. (Although I do quietly mock the fact that they are still paying for 3 coaches). But in the end, how bad could things really be that Mr. Heatley would request a trade just 1 year after having re-upped to a mamoth deal with the club. How bad could things be for a guy who scored 39 goals and was the key piece of the pie in a definite hockey market? It's just not fair to those people who bleed white, black and red. End of story.

Well maybe it's not the end of the story.

On that day when both sides signed that mamoth contract it was a match made in heaven. But we both know how NHL Clubs can be when you don't meet the expectations as set out before you. Just ask Jason Blake after his first season with the Leafs. a) you get bought out b) you get sent down to the minors or c) you are traded or in the case of someone with a NTC you are asked to waive it so that the club can redeem itself a little (just ask Vincent Lecavalier).

So this is interesting. If the club isn't happy with their signing they have a lot of options to bury your career in the sand. So is what Dany Heatley doing not the same thing? Is he not just taking one of his options? Does that make him a bad guy? (I think yes, but what the hay do I know?) We have to remember that this is a business and that not only the club is in business, but the player is also in business. A business that he has to protect and if he feels that he is headed down the wrong path with a bad team (his opinion not mine) does he not have that right to dismiss them?

You be the judge.

For the record, I think he is a bum and the way he is has gone about things here is very unfortunate. Quite frankly, I think he should have thought about all of this before he signed with them long term.

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Cmonnnnnn I want to see heatley in a sharks uniform...Trade marleau and murray or cheechoo and murray..for heatley
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he would of looked nice in a leaf jersey too. I still think he's a bum but a bum that can score lol
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The trade request is one thing. It is a slight to the fans that embraced him, but if he really wants out because his coach is making him work too hard, fine, no one wants that type of attitude on the team. It's how he has handled this whole situation from start to finish that has angered fans and media alike. Especially with his latest move of turning down the only reasonable trade offered to Murray.
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Havent we all heard this before from a spoiled sports playing millionaire ( sounds like Allen Iverson all over again...) Hey Dany, get your gear, shove it in your bag, and hit the damn road.........
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Simply put when is a contract a contract? Ottawa saved him and because he didn't like the coach he wants out. How many times have all of us disliked out bosses and still had to work?
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The senators and Heatley signed a contract. Heatley should either honor it or go sit at home and pout. If he isn't prepared to live up to his obligations, simplyretire.
July 3, 2009 8:05 PM ET | Delete
I agree with Sabata. Heatly signed the deal. He is a grown man who should be held accountable for his actions. since he signed that long-term deal he should live with it. The sens shouldn't even have to trade him. I would keep him on until the end of the term just to make him know what the consequences are. I bet Hossa wished he was in Heater's shoes.
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