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Hittin the boo's

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A come from behind win at the ACC saw the Leafs score a goal in a goofy last minute against the Panthers. A good bounce back game after a heart breaker two nights earlier. As I watched the game early on I have to say that I was quite discusted. Not with the Leafs play, not with the defence, not even that they were down 2-0 early on... but rather with the chorus of boo's everytime Bryan McCabe touched the puck. Something usually reserved for one Sen's Capton. I could not believe that the the so called Leaf fans were booing their own player like that. Sure he made a mistake last game and he hasn't played the same since the big contract or whatever other reason you can find to dislike him. But he remains a part of this team and booing him is not HELPING!! Confidence is such a part of game and I just don't understand how people who want their team to do well think they are doing anything useful by booing their own players, goalie, or team. People who are lucky enough to have an NHL franchise in their city and able to afford tickets should apprecaite that fact and not hinder their own team. And who tied up the game at 2-2? Why Bryan McCabe did! Then didn't the boo-birds cheer? These people are not fans, they are bandwagon hoppers. It is really too bad that a good come from behind victory was tainted by those people.
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October 20, 2007 2:29 AM ET | Delete
Couldn't agree more. Boo birds: they'll cut their own noses off just to spite their faces.
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