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Hittin the boo's

Posted October 19, 2007
A come from behind win at the ACC saw the Leafs score a goal in a goofy last minute against the Panthers. A good bounce back game after a heart breaker two nights earlier. As I watched the game early on I have to say that I was quite discusted. Not with the Leafs play, not with the defence, not even that they were down 2-0 early on... but rather with the chorus of boo's everytime Bryan McCabe t... Read More »

Panic Button

Posted October 16, 2007
Are we really ready to panic in Leaf land already? It seems to be the same old story, especially last night, where the defence continues to break down, third period leads are blown, and bad give aways that lead to penelties and to top it all off, everyone's favorite overpriced D-man McCabe puts in the OT winner on his own net with 3 seconds left. This left me in a sour mood as I shut off the TV... Read More »


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