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Well, it's coming down to crunch time before the trade deadline and already we have been bombarded with rumours about us getting a guy and them getting a lot of our guys. If you are like me, you have probably thought about what the numbers are and who is in the mix. Well, technically everyone is in the mix (e.g. Vokoun) but, I thought I would give the info on who our UFAs and RFAs are and what ther numbers are for this year.

Dumont 2.5M
Gelinas 1.25M w/possible performance based bonus of 1.6M
Hordichuck 517K
Ellis 500k

Erat 1.75M
Suter 950K
Tootoo 700K
Klein 500K
Koistinen 475K
Weber 475K

The Preds have the most cap room of any team in the NHL with 16M available to them.

Now, I am about to go through this list and give my thoughts on who stays and who goes. Keep in mind that I really like all the guys on this list and would hate to see any of them go but, you have to make sacrifices in order to get to the holy land of Lord Stanley's Cup. And at this particular time, we are not getting it done. With that being said, IMO, these are the guys you have to sign (sooner better than later), in no particular order, Dumont, Erat, Weber, Ellis. These are the guys you would like to sign, in no particular order, Suter, Tootoo, Koistinen. I think that it is questionable that the Preds will sign Gelinas, Hordichuk, and Klein. I think that Gelinas wants to go back to Calgary (plus the age is starting to be a factor). Hordichuk is a soldier and a role player but, if you are going to add firepower to your lineup something has to be sacrificed and he is a player that Trotz normally sacrifices. Klein, what can I say besides we never get to see him play so, if you're not going to play him get rid of him.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts! See you at the S.C. and Go Preds!
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January 16, 2008 8:13 PM ET | Delete
i agree klein should be traded while we can get value for him.i would hate to lose koistinen he has been a pleasant surprise.
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