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The NHL's self-loathing

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Versus, the NHL's premier broadcast "partner"in the US, has seen fit to delay the Awards Show broadcast until 11:00 PM tonight. This so they can televise a bunch of gang-bangers in pajamas kicking each other in what resembles a large playpen.

Is there no limit to the league's self-loathing? How can they allow these continued slights? Are they incompetent, or is there some deep-seated feeling of worthlesness on Gary Bettman's part, and those of his broadcast executives? How can you allow these bullriding, extreme fighting, trout-fishing, male-enhancement shilling cretins to spit on this glorious game?

I'm almost ashamed to be an American NHL fan. You clearly don't give a damm about us Gary, so I wish you'd stop the hypocrisy, move the league offices to Toronto and not worry about it. I'll move to Canada, or buy a satellite dish the size of Alberta.

Shame on you and and Versus. The real subtext here is the NHL Versus hockey, the NHL Versus American fans, and most awfully, the NHL Versus the game itself. How do you live with yourselves?
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April 8, 2021 7:28 AM ET | Delete
NHL’s broadcast partners have been helping the NHL to grow.Big Boobs Sex Doll Keep supporting the brand so that it can grow. The only way to get fame and reputation among people is to help them and treat them honestly.
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