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The Kings are flat. I know few of you knew this. While Alexander the Great maybe on the market giving up our best goalie is not an option. There are two players in history I know of who could make the playoffs without a goalie The Great One, and Sid the Kid. Crosby left in five games and Gretzky won the cup with one of the best teams of all time. A.O. can't do it, he barely afloat with Ollie the Goalie. The solution is actually is much easier. If you watch Kings highlights or look at Kings stats on NHL.com Brown leds the NHL in hits but after him its Zeiler and Ivanans. Both players are basically offensively useless and whoever you put inbetween vecomes just as useless. So you loss a whole line to guys who may fight. No not in the new NHL. You need offense from all four lines. So what do you do? Trade picks for Kirk Maltby or Holmstrom, or if you can pull it off Deano, Ryan Smyth. If not the type of guy you goes for the body but puts the puck in the net ten times a year, get a Sammy Pahlsson. He'll shut down Datsyuk or Big Joe when imbetween Nagy and Scott Thornton. Then the fourth line can be Sully Army and Ivanans or Zeiler. In other new Jonathon Bernier won his first game in the WJC with 44 saves and a shutout. LaBarbera got pulled after two goals in nine shots. Bernier will back later after the season is over in juniors and the Kings are out of the playoff race...wait...wait...my inside sources are telling me the Kings are now out of the playoffs. Oh well theres always 3008.

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December 27, 2007 1:41 PM ET | Delete
trash talking A.O.? interesting
December 27, 2007 4:42 PM ET | Delete
worsterest spellering everest. I barley it understood
December 28, 2007 1:13 PM ET | Delete
So the Wings who are legit cup contenders are going to trade key pieces to the worst team in the league for draft picks?You are going to get Ryan Smyth who just signed a long term deal with the Av's?Keep dreaming buddy.
December 28, 2007 6:59 PM ET | Delete
December 29, 2007 5:55 AM ET | Delete
Kings don't have to get Smyth or Maltby just players like them who play both ways are gritty and will chip in goals unlike Zeiler or Ivanans.
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