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The future is now

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Due to injuries and poor play, the Avs have made a change. It is a small change but one for the future. They put an "A" on the jersey of Paul Stastny.

Since made this club two years ago out of training camp, we knew he was the future. He was the guy to take the reigns from Joe Sakic. He was going to take this club into the forseeable future. What has this done?

In two games, Stastny has played his best. He has been playing solid defensive hockey, winning 50% of his faceoffs draws and producing in the offensive zone. He was held off the scoresheet only because of some spectacular saves by the Tampa Bay.

Then, tonight, he played a great game. Once again, he won 50% of his faceoff draws. He also produced on the scoreboard tonight with 2 goals and an assist, as well as severl great chances and seven shots.

It looks like the "A" has really put it upon him to be a real leader on this team, really inspired him to raise his game. With Joe Sakic's back problem looking gloomier every day and Adam Foote gone with.... whatever he's got wrong with him, it was time to put Stastny in a leadership role and he has stepped up to the challenge.

I wonder how long before his "A" becomes a "C."

What do you think? Have you seen a change in him the last two games?
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December 2, 2008 12:02 PM ET | Delete
Good point Martok, I had planned on noting it in my upcoming blog.
December 2, 2008 12:21 PM ET | Delete
This will be in my blog as well, but to keep conversation going on your story, here are my thoughts.Several years ago I remember reading that the Dallas Stars had taken the C away from Mike Modano and given it to a guy named Brendan Morrow. Until last season in the playoffs I was still wondering why. Morrow controlled that series against the Sharks, and did his best to keep his team in the series with Detroit. He played with a lot of heart and truly was the backbone of that team. He lead in ways on the ice that Modano was no longer capable of.I believe the Avalanche are encountering the same thing. If Sakic hadn't been injured last seasons the leadership void wouldn't even be talked about. I do believe that management and coaching had plan to expect a lot of leadership out of Ryan Smyth, maybe even have him wear the C until a home grown talent could wear it. Then a hero in Adam Foote came home, and if Sakic ever retired, it would be him who got it. Foote is now out with injury as well and that has left a leadership void. I doubt the organization will ever go public with this as a plan, but I believe that the A is up for grabs every week. Because of the way Paul Stastny was working, I think he got it for the upcoming week. So far this season we have seen, Hannan, Smyth, Clark, Foote, Lappy, and now Stastny wear it. We are seeing a changing of the guard here. Depending on the nature of Sakic's injury, and to a lesser extent Foote's, we could be seeing a permanent change.
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