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Flyers in 7

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I want to start off by saying that this Washington team is going to be a force to reckon with for years to come. The combination of Semin and AO is going to be lethal for several years and the young nucleus around them is only going to get better. Just like the Flyers, from where Washington was last year just getting to game 7 in the first round of the playoffs is a great accomplishment, but only one team could move on.... and in my opinion it was the team who in the series as a whole played better.

The goal that Joffrey Lupul scored tonight has been the most exciting goal scored here in Philly since Gagne scored in OT to beat the Lightning in game 6... I also think that goal is HUGE for this team because if Lupul can start getting himself on the score sheet its going to be a gigantic plus for this club. I also have to bring up the fact that Upshall and Kapanen scored our other two goals. Probably three of the most unlikely players anyone would have expected to score in this game... which is an amazing thing. The biggest game of the year and our roll players step up and score the goals. That truelly shows the depth of this hockey club, its absolutely amazing. Marty Biron tonight was tremendous. The defense kept nearly all the shots coming from the outside and Biron played the angles perfectly and I dont think he gave up a rebound all night... just a tremendous performance by the guy who all Buffalo fans said chokes in pressure games. Biggest game of his career and he steps up huge.

This was one of the best playoff series I have ever watched and I will absolutely never forget it... and neither will AO, which could haunt us in years to come! lol

Moving onto Montreal... this is going to be a hard fought series and honestly winning game 1 is going to be a HUGE challenge for the boys in orange and black coming off this huge win and playing our 3rd game in 4 nights... a win on Thursday night would be absolutely huge for the Flyers, but they are going to have to dig deep for this one in my opinion.. real deep. But the Flyers will ABSOLUTELY be in this series right till the end and once again the team who steps up when it matters will win the series. Everyone will count the Flyers out just like they did in the Capitals series and I love it. Bring on the Habs!!! Can't wait to hear them booing Danny B... its going to be great.

One last thing. The display of the Capitals fans after this game was absolutely piss poor. Throwing pizza boxes over the glass at our player celebrating after the game winning goal... throwing whatever hand outs the stadium gave out onto the ice at players... including one that hit Jeff carter right in the face as he was doing an on the ice interview after the game. The Capitals team is a great up and coming team and its ashame they are in such a terrible hockey city. The Washington fans didn't even know who Semin or Backstrom were before this season began. Some probably didn't even know who AO was until he scored his 50th goal of the season. 100% a stadium full of band waggon fans. I mean the mascot had to drive around the city handing out FREE playoff tickets in order to fill the stadium. Absolutely pathetic. I am a big fan of the young core the capitals have, but it is an absolute shame they aren't playing in front of a better fan base. Terrible.

All in all a tremendous series that could not have ended any better for Flyers fans. bring on the Habs.

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