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East Predictions

Posted April 8, 2009
[b]Remaining Schedules[/b] [u]Boston[/u] Doesn't matter they are #1 [u]Washington[/u] TB- Win Panthers - Loss [b]108 points[/b] [u]NJD[/u] Sens - Win Canes - Loss [b]104 points[/b] [u]PHI[/u] NYR - OT Loss NYI - Win NYR - Win [b]102 points[/b] [u]CAR[/u] Buff - Loss (trap game) NJD - Win [b]99 points[/b] [u]Pitt[/u] NYI - Win Montreal - Win [b]98 points[/b]... Read More »
This is in response to the previous blog about players not playing through their contracts and the fear that it will filter into the NHL because of the long term deals. The true problem with this lies in football, and only football because the players contracts are not guaranteed and the team holds 100% leverage over the player. For example, Brian Westbrook signed a deal that was a mediocre de... Read More »

2008-2009 Philadelphia Flyers

Posted July 3, 2008
Gagne-Briere-Lupul Hartnell-Richards-Upshall Giroux-Carter-Knuble Cote-Metro-Downie Timonen-Coburn Jones-Hatcher Eminger-Vaananen Biron Nitty What do you guys think of this projected lineup for next year? Has the team gotten better? Has the team gotten worse? Have we simply just stayed where we were last year? Obviously the lines are up in the air I just threw these together for eff... Read More »

Flyers in 7

Posted April 23, 2008
I want to start off by saying that this Washington team is going to be a force to reckon with for years to come. The combination of Semin and AO is going to be lethal for several years and the young nucleus around them is only going to get better. Just like the Flyers, from where Washington was last year just getting to game 7 in the first round of the playoffs is a great accomplishment, but only... Read More »

Forsberg to Philly

Posted February 8, 2008
First and foremost so this blog makes sense, I fully expect Forsberg to be a Flyer if he returns. There are two glaring signs right now that tell me he knows he is coming back here IF he returns to the NHL. #1 The rumored contract offer is 2 years at $1.3 million per year with incentives, similar to Sellanne's deal. This is not a contract the Philadelphia Flyers would offer for a player they RE... Read More »

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