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What do you guys think of this projected lineup for next year? Has the team gotten better? Has the team gotten worse? Have we simply just stayed where we were last year? Obviously the lines are up in the air I just threw these together for effect.

I personally think that our offense will be perfectly fine. We will hopefully be getting back a 40+ goal scorer which instantly makes us a better team, in Gagne. I am a huge fan of Claude Giroux and feel he is going to surprise alot of people this year and play a big roll in this teams success. Metro was a great pickup as well. I think he is really going to help this team out ancoring down the 4th line at center and kind of playing the rolls of RJ and Kapanen in that he can play all positions like RJ and he can fill in within the top 9 from the 4th line like Kapanen did. Great pickup. I am happy with the offense... we could possibly use another winger, however, in my opinion. But not necessary.

The defense is up in the air in my opinion. There is absolutely no question Homer did what he said he was going to do and made the defense a much more mobile defense. Re-signing Jones was a great move, however, at nearly 3mill a year I think thats ridiculous, making more then Coburn?? But it is what it is. I think the thing that we really need is Eminger to get himself together and improve here in Philly. One thing that happened last year under Stevens was ALL the young players got better, hopefully he does the same for Eminger. I am not a fan of Parent being pushed from the top 6 d-men. He will be the first guy in for injury or if Hatcher doesn't stick with the club, but it makes me sick to think he is currently not in the top 6 d-men. All in all the defense definately will have a different look next year and hopefully it works out well with our offense.

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It will be interesting when it comes to the defense...too many people and not enough spots. things will work themselves out
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It's a shame that Hatch won't just hang up the skates already. Parent proved that he deserves a spot on the big club's roster. Also Kukkonen was a shot blocking machine last season when Stevens actually let him play. And although Thor couldn't score a goal if his life depended on it, I think his hustle and consistent play helped us out a lot. I could almost see Jones going in a trade, but after signing a contract that vastly overpays him for what his skills are (IMO minimal) there may not be too many takers.
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I am not a huge fan of the Eminger pick up, he was scratched a lot of last season. Then again my opinion could change when the season starts. I think Kukkonen and Parent need to be in the lineup. I don't mind the deal Jones received, he got consistantly better as the year progressed. Sure he wasn't a scoring machine in the playoffs, but he quietly played fantastic. Nice job.
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I'd jugge around your lines a little. I'd rather have Upshall with Carter and Knuble...that lined worked very well. I'd have Lupul, Richards and Giroux together. Giroux will be great, already make him an asset. And Hartnell should really be on a line with Briere, we need him to week off some people from Gagne and Briere. The 4th line is good as is but unfortunately I wish THOR was there but ahh.And Parent will be starting next year, I don't know who's spot he's taking but he'll play.
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Jsaq, What aout Downie? I don't think Thor will be back. No cap room.
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I don't particularly believe these will be the lines, but this is what I would do to spread out the offense, and spread out the grinders and scorers:Hartnell Briere GirouxGagne Richards LupulUpshall Carter DownieCote Metro Knuble
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