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After a pair of losses, the Flyers look to be a team needing help and solidification to a number of aspects to their game. And while I won't attempt to make excuses for the two losses, it is actually isn't all that surprising that the Flyers lost.

The Flyers lost to Montreal because of a 3 minute lapse in judgement and a couple of crazy bounces. To top it all off, the Flyers haven't been capitalizing on their PP chances lately, and Montreal gave the Flyers PLENTY of opportunities. In the end, it was a loss...but at least they got a point.

As for the Devils...consider that any time Brodeur is going for a goaltending milestone, he ALWAYS gets it against the Flyers. When he went for the record of 48 wins in a season, he did it against the Flyers. When he was going for shutout 100, he gets it against the Flyers. And while I respect Brodeur, it is a hard damn thing to watch Devils hockey...it is SO boring. The only time I really have any interest is when Parise is on the ice. But, kudos to the Devils for the win...

Now, the Flyers have to regroup for a tilt with the Bruins on Tuesday night. Right before the trade deadline. There are a number of issues I have with the Flyers chances in this game, and most of them revolve around the Flyers being unsure of what this deadline brings. Which brings me to the point of this blog. Andy Strickland mentioned the fact that the Flyers need to move salary so as to acquire Bill Guerin...and while on the surface this looks preposterous...watch this hypothetical time-line unfold.

Monday, Mar. 2nd (morning) - The Flyers trade Joffrey Lupul, Matt Carle and a 3rd round pick to Anaheim for Chris Pronger.

Monday, Mar. 2nd (night) - The Flyers acquire Bill Guerin for prospect Patrick Maroon and a 4th round pick.

Pronger's cap hit is just over 6 million...which means he is on the books for 1/3 of that salary (about 2.2 million approx.)...and Guerin is on the books for 4.5 million...which means he is on the books for about 1.5 million. That total works out to about 4 Million.

Carle's salary is about 3.5 Million and Lupul is 2.3 Million. More than enough room for those two players...

The math here works folks...but there is an even MORE interesting relationship to this idea. We have heard all year that the Flyers will try to acquire J-Bo from the Panthers. And it has been all about getting him at the deadline...but I don't think Jacques Martin plans on shipping Bouwmeester until before the draft for two reasons.

1 - Martin is notorious for deals near the draft. He uses the regular season to get a feel for what he can get, but with the Panthers scratching at trying to get into the playoffs, he can't ship out J-Bo and keep his job.

2 - Martin HAS to get something for J-Bo...and I think this is where the Flyers come back into play. Homer loves to set up deals where he can get negotiating rights with players before the FA period and this year's draft is 5 days before the FA period begins.

Now, what does all this mean. Pronger doesn't want to be anything but a loaner at the deadline, if at all. As a result, Pronger leaves Philly and quite magically...J-Bo can be afforded during the offseason...

So Flyers fans...would you trade Lupul and Carle for J-Bo after all things are said and done?

Just some rambling thoughts...

I want to believe in a Flyers championship...

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March 2, 2009 5:04 PM ET | Delete
How come you only use a 1/3 season prorated figure on Pronger and Guerin's cap hits ($2.2
March 2, 2009 5:08 PM ET | Delete
message cut off most of my post...anyway, you use a prorated figure for Pronger and Guerin but a full season figure for Carle and Lupul in your numbers? Adjust that. So, you're trading Lupul and Carle for a Pronger rental and then what are you giving Florida in the summer for the rights to sign JBo? Won't J Martin get a lot more now for a rental and possible inside track on signing JBo than he would for just a right to sign him?
March 2, 2009 5:34 PM ET | Delete
On top of what Exlund says, Carle's cap hit with the Flyers is 2.9 not 3.5
March 3, 2009 5:39 PM ET | Delete
why dont the flyers move carle and lupal to the panthers they always struggle with offence and the panthers are still in the race
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