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Scheifele Impresses at Under 20's

Posted August 7, 2011
Mark Scheifele the first ever pick for the new Winnipeg Jets is turning some heads at the under 20 development camp for Team Canada. When being interviewed on 1290 Radio by Hustler and Lawless Ray Ferrero had this to say about the young Centerman. " He has a huge shot an absolute cannon". Ferrero when asked about the forwards chances of making the NHL ferrero has this to say, "All I can say is... Read More »
Since my last post collected so much interest I thought I'd turn it up a notch and predict that my Jets finish in a better position in the East then both the Flyers and Rangers. This is a pretty bold prediction to say the least and I'm going to back it up with some facts thoughts to why I believe the Jets will beat the Flyers and Rangers in the standings. [b][u]Philly:[/u][/b] - Coach Lav... Read More »

Jets must sign Zherdev

Posted July 29, 2011
All reports are leading to the Winnipeg Jets talking contract with the agent for talented forward Nik Zherdev. As most have probably read or heard by now Zherdev is a talented forward that can dazzle you with skill one game and not show up the next. I believe that this is more made up by the media in Philly and New York because zherdev did not fit into the coaches system. Zherdev reminds... Read More »
The best thing that could have happened to the leafs took effect this weekend when they lost both Mats Sundin and Nik Antropov to injuries. There is no way that the leafs win anymore games from this point in without Sundin and Antropov their top 2 scorers. Obtaining a lottery pick is looking alot better then it did mid last week. Any chance of getting Stamkos, (unlikley as it is) will be a good... Read More »
After watching the Maple Leafs all season long I realized that this team has zero finnish. What I mean by this is the Leafs get tons of scoring chances per game but have alot of problems cashing in on them. Whether its missed opportunitys by hitting posts, missing the net, or just shooting the puck into the goalies crest the leafs seem to find away to not score when the game is on the line.... Read More »