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The reports around the NHL right now are that the Capitals are trying to move veteran center Michael Nylander. Nylander has two goals and ten assists this season and is a minus two. Recently, Boudreau has not been impressed with his play and subsequently made him a healthy scratch last week against New Jersey. He returned to the line up the next game, only because of recent injury trouble to the Capitals. Since his return, Nylander has looked lethargic. He glides around and often appears to be uninterested. Could all of this be because he played with Jagr, notoriously known for taking nights off, too many years?

The rumors are that the Capitals have been trying to send him to Chicago. Chicago is in Salary Cap trouble though and will more than likely have to waive or trade a goalie to make room. In the deal the Capitals apparently only wanted center Dustin Byfuglien, who will make 3 million the next two years. Byfuglien has two goals, four assists, and twenty-five penalty minutes this season. He is a big rig at 6-3 245 lbs. He has always been known as a gritty player who gets under guys skin, a guy like Matt Cooke comes to mind, when comparing Byfuglien to others. Chicago though needs more salary cap space and is trying to move veteran defenseman Brent Sopel too. Sopel is scheduled to make two and a half million over the next two seasons. Sopel has a single goal and single assist this season and is a minus seven, the worst on the team. The problem for the Capitals is that these two players would make no sense, because their contracts combined are higher than what Nylander currently makes. This would not free up any room for the Capitals.

Mats Sundin has been holding out so far this year to sign a contract anywhere. Rumors are though that he should sign soon. The teams in the running are the Maple Leafs, Rangers, Canadians, and Capitals. Yes, that's right apparently the Capitals are in the running for Sundin. How we have no Cap room? That may be precisely the reason they are trying to move Nylander. There is a school of thought that says, maybe Sundin would like to come in and help fellow Swede Nick Backstrom, in a way similar to what Federov did, with guys like Ovechkin and Semin. Sundin wants to win a Stanley Cup and the Capitals are definite contenders at this point. The dollars that he may demand though could be the only thing holding up a deal. At the same time though, he could think the Caps are his best shot and therefore, like Hossa, take less money.

If these two deals are going to be one and one adding to two, than a few things have to happen. The Caps have to take, not much more than a draft pick back from Chicago. This means that Chicago has to move a goalie, in order to make room for Nylander. The Capitals would need to move another player to make room for a guy like Sundin. Chris Clark has not able to find his old stride since missing most of last year. Clark has no goals and two assists and is a minus four. Chris Clark may be a guy who becomes expendable. Ovechkin appears ready in any case to take on the responsibility of Captain. The presence of Tyler Sloan in the line up for more than ten games now, means he will have to clear waivers to be sent back to Hershey. Sloan has played extremely well for the Capitals this season. Alzner is still in Hershey waiting his turn. These two players may make a guy like Morrisonn, who was hard to sign at the end of last year, expendable. Morrisonn was awarded nearly two million in arbitration last year, and he has not played as well this year. Jeff Shultz to me continues to struggle, he looks lost and confused. He also appears unwilling to take the body. He is another possible piece of trade bait. Maybe even a guy like Viktor Kozlov could be moved since there would be no place for him.

Just think of the line up:




We will have to see how it all unfolds but it should be interesting none the less.

Thats all for now!

Go Caps!


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