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All Star Disaster

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From http://capsstop.blogspot.com

The NHL All Star Game has turned into a joke. This coming year the game will be played in Montreal. The Canadians and their fans are celebrating their centennial and the NHL felt it only right to reward them with the game during such a historic season. The only problem with the whole game is the process for who will start.

Less than 24 hours after voting began, it came out that there was a voting fraud problem. Mainly, Montreal fans had rigged computers to automatically vote for their players. This was a direct violation of the rules when it comes to how many times one can vote. The NHL in their defense was fast on the scene and apparently remedied the problem and erased all the fraudulent votes. Or did they?

Currently on November 18th at 3 pm the votes for the eastern conference all stars are as follows: At forward: Alex Kovalev 237,212 votes, Saku Koivu 234,857, Alex Tanguay 233,096, Sidney Crosby 121,875, Evgeni Malkin 93,693, Alex Ovechkin 90,300, and Alex Semin 66,390.
On Defense: Andrei Markov 259,547, Mike Komisarek 234,744, Mike Green 84,347, Zdeno Chara 82,032.
In Goal: Carey Price 253,477, Marc Andre-Fleury 64,942, Ryan Miller 51,135, Henrik Lundqvist 45,983, and Tim Thomas (as a write in) 27,381

You are gonna have a hard time convincing me or most any other NHL fans that Alex Kovalev has generated almost a 2-1 vote count over Sidney Crosby. Kovalev has 12 points so far this year and is not even in the top 50 in scoring. Sid the kid has 22 points this year. If there is a player who is more recognizable in the league than Sidney Crosby, I would love to know who it is. To all those who say, but it's Montreal and it's the All Star game so of course their fans are gonna stuff the ballot box, I say BS. Sidney Crosby is the Boston Red Sox/NY Yankees of the NHL, more fans out there know him than any other player. The only way this balloting make sense is through fraudulent votes.

On a separate issue, you have a guy in goal like Tim Thomas, who leads the NHL in almost every goalie statistic this year, and he is not even on the ballot. The only reason he even shows up in the top few vote getter's, is because people have recognized his accomplishments this year and written him in. Thanks to all those true fans, who have recognized his accomplishments.

Mike Komisarek leads Mike Green by a margin of almost 3:1 in votes. First off how did Komisarek even get on the ballot. Yes that's right the NHL wants it this way. Let's stop for a second and think about this. How many points does Komisarek have this year..., yes that's right 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike Green has 14 points (6G,8A). No real fans out there are really voting this way are they. I didn't think so. If this whole process is allowed to continue the ratings for the All-Star game will be at lower than last years ratings. No one will be interested in watching the Montreal Canadians play the Western Conference.

All of this leads me to two conclusions. One, the ballots are still inaccurate, due to, voting fraud or the NHL has a bigger problem, my second point. Two, the NHL is not where it thinks it is in terms of fan support and therefore Montreal is apparently the only city that cares. I have a hard time buying into the second one conclusion, as fan attendance all over the league is way up, therefore the fans do care. I leave it to you the public to go out and vote and try to correct the problem. I just know there are more Sidney Crosby fans and Ovechkin fans than there are Kovalev fans so go rock the vote!

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