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The Blake Shake...

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Jason Blake is in the dog house. His play of late has seemed uninspired and his antics may be destroying the moral in the dressing room.

The obvious option is to sit him and hope that lights a fire under his posterior, however that doesn't really solve the problem of him not fitting into the top two lines. Anther more aggressive option is to post him on waivers and then send him down to the Marlies. This would probably diminish any trade value and destroy the confidence he's got left.

There have been rumours popping up in the boards saying that a deal to L.A could be possible for Michal Handzus. Both players make a whopping $4 million a year, however Hanzus' contract is up in 2011/2012 where as Blake is still on the books a year after that. That is an interesting option, Handzus is a giant but Blake's potential for offence is still much greater than Handzus....

I also read that the Islanders were interested in bringing Blake's services back to Long Island. In return the leafs would have to accept a high priced defencemen. Looking at their cap situation, this is more than likely Andy Sutton. He has two years left at $3 million which to me seems pretty decent for a buy out or even a short stint with the leafs.

Either way, If Fletcher could drop Blake for a high draft pick I would be happy, however this is most likely not possible given his play of late. So leaf fans i ask you, how do we shake the Blake?
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November 15, 2008 4:08 PM ET | Delete
I would do the Handzus deal, at the very least he is a big man to plant in front of the net. But the package would have to be expanded due to the fact Blake is on contract for 1 more year. Colaiacovo, Blake and DiDomenico for Handzus and O'Sullivan.
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