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Make way for Rob Schremp

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The Oilers feel they can build from within the system. However, I've been reading "respectable" bloggers in regards to the 3rd line centre void. They have been bantering up ideas to bring in a Smolinski or a Marchant. So in my effort to silence the critics, so to speak, I for one strongly feel those statements are poorly executed. "IF" that were to be the case, why did the Oilers let Reasoner walk?

I was reading into the words of MacT, who recently stated that he will in fact be starting PISANI at centre; and as for PENNER, a left handed shooter will be placed on Pisani's right wing.

Yesterday Pisani made his way at centre ice to start off training camp. "I felt pretty good on the faceoffs," said Pisani. "I was a little nervous to be honest but I thought I did pretty well.

And as far as Schremp goes, "This is the first year I can say that Rob has a real legitimate chance of staying here,"

"Obviously that will be proven through training camp. But he's given himself the opportunity, and we're going to give him every opportunity to prove he belongs here." encouraging words from Coach Craig Mactavish.

These statements really are in Rob Schremp's benefit... it seems there is no reason why he won't be making his way to the NHL. The door really began to open last year when Schremp was moved from centre to left wing; a move that was pushed by the Oilers upper management in an attempt to strengthen his chances of cracking the Oilers line-up.

Schremp spent the majority of his off season hard at work in L.A, "I focused pretty hard in the summer, went down and saw (strength and conditioning coach) Chad (Moreau) and I think I've put myself in a pretty good position, probably the best since I was drafted."

Hopefully all the hard work pays off...I fully expect to see Schremp donning the Oilers uniform at the start of the season.

So why not Brule or Pouliot on the wing? They are centre men, both with a Right hand shot. It's not in good practice to have two wingers on the same line playing there opposite side; it eliminates the playmaking winger and results in a line with poor puck control.

However, it's a concern for Pisani; if not motivation. If he can't lock up that centre position and return to form...he likely will be moved. Lowe stated the other day that he has no issue moving a veteran to make way for the young guys. Brule and Pouliot are looking to battle Pisani for that job.

Time will tell, it will be an interesting few weeks.
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September 21, 2008 8:20 PM ET | Delete
Great post! Like you... I am not sure that any team would be willing to take on Pisani's contract at this time. I will say this though... if Schremp is not awarded a chance to prove himself this season I will be very disappointed.I would love to see a Schremp-Brodziak-Brule line... or switch out Brule for Pouliot on the right side. Far to many people have been quick to pencil in Stortini as a certainty on the fourth line. I don't think he brings much to the table.Lowe-Tambellini-MacT... should give Robbie a chance... oh, and if they call JF Jacque again I swear on all that is holy...
October 14, 2008 11:49 AM ET | Delete
So much for this idea.
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