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No trading Souray?

Posted 7:46 PM ET | Comments 3
Now that Souray cleared waivers, it's clear that a suitable trade isn't available. It's likely the Oilers will need to accept a poor contract and possibly an undesirable player to boot. Leading to another problem of it's own, a trade that could haunt the Oilers for years to come. However, in the best interest of the Oilers, they shouldn't make that trade...not yet anyways. What other options are there?

First, Let us take a quick flashback and partake in the events that is now a grumbled Souray. The guy went through a string of injuries, the first being the severe concussion and the first of 2 meetings with Jarome Iginla. That concussion was immediately followed by a law suit worth millions of dollars; courtesy of his ex-wife. Convenient timing I must say and kudos to her. On his return, Souray never did get back to his elite status which we saw in the campaign of 2008/09 but rather he played a string of sloppy games which eventually led to his second meeting with Iggy pop and a broken hand in the process.

Now having said that, one of Sheldon Souray's concerns caught my attention; during his time off he felt ignored by the team. Weeks on end the fans were in limbo on the status of Souray. Not much for updates, not much of anything. It does make one wonder if the Oilers brass are any good at communicating. There was a huge load on Souray's plate, public out lash, family problems, and rehabilitation and that isn't something that a person can take with a smile on their face.

So is it really a situation where the fence can't be mended between the fans, management and the player in question? I don't think so. One moment of the media's time and Souray's explanation of a dark period that he endured can have this thing turned around quickly. Souray's camp just needs to play it right, as he may no longer have a choice but to suit up for the Oilers come fall. Remember, the fishbowl that is Edmonton can rehash a story 10 times over before the season begins.

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July 4, 2010 9:22 PM ET | Delete
Good blog. Feel free to keep them coming.
July 6, 2010 5:08 PM ET | Delete
Jeff Finger, straight up. lol.
July 8, 2010 4:46 PM ET | Delete
Loubardious (sp) said it best, get Souray back as he is the best d-man the Oilers have, tell him to go out and prove his worth and promise him that he will be gone by the deadlne.
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