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Courtesy of http://www.etownhockey.com/2010/08/oilers-defense-review-and-where-leafs.html The Oilers are coming off their worst season in franchise history. Some of the work Tambellini has accomplished this offseason has been a staggering over haul, but mostly on the front end. The forwards are looking promising for the future, but how about the defense? Name - age - term left on contract... Read More »

No trading Souray?

Posted July 4, 2010
Now that Souray cleared waivers, it's clear that a suitable trade isn't available. It's likely the Oilers will need to accept a poor contract and possibly an undesirable player to boot. Leading to another problem of it's own, a trade that could haunt the Oilers for years to come. However, in the best interest of the Oilers, they shouldn't make that trade...not yet anyways. What other options are t... Read More »

Time to step up

Posted November 22, 2008
Turnovers and lack of physicality is what the Oilers identity has become this year. Seems to be game after game that a gawdy turnover just before the offensive blue line results in a scoring chance for the opposing team. It's worth noting that at this moment Hemsky ranks at number 15 in points but he is the only guy in the top 15 with a negative plus/minus. Hemsky is a pleasure to watch and can ma... Read More »

Make way for Rob Schremp

Posted September 20, 2008
The Oilers feel they can build from within the system. However, I've been reading "respectable" bloggers in regards to the 3rd line centre void. They have been bantering up ideas to bring in a Smolinski or a Marchant. So in my effort to silence the critics, so to speak, I for one strongly feel those statements are poorly executed. "IF" that were to be the case, why did the Oilers let Reasoner walk... Read More »

Can the NHL work in Las Vegas?

Posted April 5, 2008
We Canadians understand that hockey should be in a place where people want the sport. Winnipeg, Hamilton, Quebec City ... anyone listening? However, when it comes to expansion teams this isn't the case; Bettman is still searching for his American audience and this just may be the place to find it. LAS VEGAS; over 40 million tourists visit every year. It's one of the fastest growing city's in th... Read More »


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