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Since I last blogged...

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Its been awhile for me writing a blog. Period. My last blog was March 5, 2010. My blog before that? January 15, 2010. Since I last blogged, we've seen 2 Stanley Cup winners hoist the Cup, Team Canada win gold at the Olympics, a riot in Vancouver, the passing of popular enforcers, the passing of an entire hockey team, hundreds of trades and signings, 2 Winter Classics, and much more. While I haven't been away from the game, I have been away from blogging and actually noting what is going on in the hockey world. It just shows how massive the game is and how many different facets there are to it.

All of my blogs previous have usually been Preds-related or included some mention of them since they are the team I follow. Since I last blogged, the Preds have gone through 3 playoff rounds, including their first ever second round matchup vs Vancouver last year.

When I blogged on January 15, 2010, I started it off noting that the Preds were 28-16-3 and were defying the odds with all the analysts predicting them to finish near the basement of the Western Conference. Fast forward to today and the Preds are 37-20-7 overall. They are currently sitting 5th in the NHL's overall standings. Its quite remarkable that this team still continues to make the most of what they have while still attaining a high rank in the standings.

Since I last blogged, the Preds ownership has seen Boots DelBiaggio get the boot, David Freeman taking a seat as the ownership group's spokesperson and Tom Cigarran stepping up. Since I last blogged, the Preds hired a new CEO and COO to run the club. Altogether, the team has built a fanbase, established a strong bond to the community, created a demand for hockey, made on-ice and in-game additions, improved the fan experience and made for an overall better product.

Since I last blogged, the team made a big move to acquire Mike Fisher last year. This year, they went out and acquired Hal Gill, Andrei Kostitsyn and Paul Gaustad. The team that for years had the best and deepest organizational system for prospects has now been willing to sacrifice a bit of that to win now.

Man, have things changed. I will be blogging more now because I really don't want to do a "Since I last blogged..." blog again.

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March 2, 2012 9:18 PM ET | Delete
Since you last blogged... someone else has been keeping us up to date with what's going on. We already know all that stuff.
March 8, 2012 3:50 PM ET | Delete
Since you last blogged the douchebag contingent on Hockeybuzz has grown exponentially. Good blog. Thanks for putting that in a nice time capsule for us.
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