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I'm going to try to make this quick since I really should be studying for an exam.

Last night was god awful for the Preds. The team had no life on the ice and seemed drained from the previous night. The powerplay was dismal, esp. in the 3rd period. Yes they scored a PP goal...on a 5 on 3. Game was bad, Canucks were better. OK. Great.

Now on to the hits.

The Davison hit on Scooter was LEGAL. BUT...the league has to crack down on hits to the head. If it wasn't a hit to the head, why was Scooter in pain? If it was nothing, we would've all seen Scooter go after Davison himself. Scooter's nickname is "Ball full of hate" LOL. He was definitely shaken up by that and to avoid any future incidents that could be much worse, the league shoudl try and crack down on hits to the head

The Burrows hit on Dumont should've been a PENALTY. Left his feet...not after but DURING the contact. Someone who commented on Paul McCann's blog posted a still from the video of the hit. Burrows was in mid-air when he hit Dumont. I was livid when I saw that hit, partly due to the fact that he left his feet and partly due to the fact that I hate Burrows. Kudos to Arnott for sticking up for his buddy.

Kesler hit on Weber wasn't too bad. Definitely penalty deserving. Kesler could've eased up and Weber could've not looked so vulnerable. Couldn't ask more for what Kesler got.

Ohlund's hit on Bonk was CLEAN. Good hit and Ohlund has a reputation for solid, CLEAN hits.

This game was bad all-round for the Preds and Pred fans. I sincerely hope the league does take action for the events that transpired in this game. Burrows leaves his feet and hits Dumont and the result is a 7 minute PP for the Canucks? (Yes Arnott deserved the PIMs he got but it was legit) but nothing for Burrows?? C'mon...

I bet David Pratt will rant about this game and somehow connect it to why the Preds shouldn't be in Nashville....thats his style and i bet it'll happen if it already hasn't.

Anyways, i gotta go. Maybe ill edit this with more of my rantings later. We will see.

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December 10, 2008 6:43 PM ET | Delete
Nichol Skating with his head down = Injured on a CLEAN HITDumont Skating with his head down = Injured on a Borderline HitI think the moral of the story here is keep your @#$%ing head up. Something I learned in Atom... and don't take this the wrong way... The NHL obviously agrees with me as NO SUSPENSIONS have been handed out after a full review of each hit.
December 10, 2008 10:47 PM ET | Delete
The NHL said that the Burrows hit should have been a penalty, thus not a clean hit. The only reason he wasn't suspended was because he doesn't have that 'reputation', which means the NHL is gutless and lacks credibility. Terry Crisp said it best when he said, "So you mean if a guy shoots me with one bullet it's ok, but if he shoots me with eight it's not?" He said this regarding the NHL ruling. The Davison hit wasn't a dirty hit, but the fact that he came from across the ice to make the hit should have garnered a charging penalty. When players, coaches and Hall of Famers are calling out your team it's pretty clear that the hits weren't clean. I can only imagine all the Canucks fans reactions if Tootoo had made any one of those hits on any of your guys. Suddenly the hits wouldn't look so clean would they?
December 10, 2008 11:47 PM ET | Delete
"Partly due to the fact that I hate Burrows". Which clearly demonstrates your bias and discredits your opinion on the matter somewhat.I like that the Canucks are dishing out some big hits and playing physical. It's been an element that's been lacking in the past and I, for one, think it's a plus for the team that they are no longer the pushovers that they'd been labelled as in the past.
December 11, 2008 1:28 AM ET | Delete
"Partly due to the fact that I hate Burrows"That doesn't diminish the fact that it was not a clean hit and had "Penalty, Penalty, Penalty" written all over it. Predaceous makes a good point. If Toots laid out Mason Raymond or one of the Sedin Twins, every Canuck fan registered on this site would be 10 times as angry as Pred fans were. In response to the first comment, there's a difference between the hit on Nichol and say for example the Phaneuf hit on Denis Hamel a few years back. Both were absolutely huge hits but the one on Nichol had intent to...take his head off written all over it. Considering Davison is a 7th or 8th defenseman on the Canucks, its safe to say that he'll do whatever it takes to keep him in the lineup.
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